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Help us keep The Art Barge afloat

Dear Friends,

The 2014 Summer was a great success at The Art Barge.

I thank all of you for being part of this adventure in creative art education. While there have been many new students that have come aboard The Barge for the first time, there are also the renewal of many familiar faces and with that a sense of community. We all found The Barge as “A PLACE TO CREATE.”

Last year, thanks to your financial efforts and continued support, contributions helped re-build the Upper Deck.  However, the Barge is confronted with constant financial challenges through the rest of the year. As this is our only APPEAL for funding.  Here are three reasons where your donations will help.  Any amount will help and you can earmark your donation to be used towards Art Barge Programing, The Art Barge Vessel and/or The D’Amico House.

The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your total contribution of any amount is tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.


The Art Barge Program has evolved in the many years since the first classes that Victor started in 1955. Many various workshops, Children’s classes, and the continuity of the Painting Studio have made summers at The Barge ever exciting. Tuitions do not fully cover all the expenses of these programs or year ‘round administrative operations, office and web management, accounting and along with the planning of special projects for the coming summer. The costs like the tides are rising.


The Art Barge vessel was created to combine art experiences with the inspirational environment of “sea, sky and salt air.” The strategic location of The Barge moored on the shore of Napeague Harbor leaves it vulnerable to wind, rain and storms. Maintenance of the building is a priority year-round: up keep on the windows and doors, an elevator to the upper deck for disabled artists and a better parking area so no one is left out are all on the list of our on-going construction projects. Help keep The Art Barge afloat!


The D’Amico House is the expression of their creativity. Reflecting Victor’s architectural applications and Mabel’s inspirations, the property consists of three buildings; the main house and studio, the “little house” and the oyster’s watcher’s hut”. Each with a unique history of their own but combined, comprises the extensive collections of art educational research material; photographs, treatises, mid-century furnishings and found object constructions documenting their life works.   Rotating exhibitions are always on display and tours are offered year-around. Become a FRIEND of The Victor and Mabel D’Amico Studio & Archive and help preserve this valuable link.

The Art Barge holds its own out on the shores of Napeague Harbor. For 52 years, it has continued to provide A PLACE TO CREATE for countless numbers of people.
From its beginnings, when art went abstract to these present abstract days. The Barge has weathered a great deal of varied natural and cultural times. It has been there to help young and old alike to discover, through the creative process, a lesson in individuality.
It is time to HELP The Art Barge. As a not-for-profit organization, The Barge runs a tight ship, relying on private foundations and individuals to keep it afloat. It has been fortunate to have continued familiar support, year after year. All contributions in any amount are appreciated.