Lila Healy / No Sniveling


a memorial

For anyone who ever met Lila Healy (1937-2014), the title of this on-line exhibition is very right and proper. And for those who never met her, rest assured NO SNIVELING is just the tip of an iceberg in describing her.

Lila first came to The Art Barge in 1989. Summering in East Hampton and wanting to make a move from NYC, she found The Barge to be a place where she could develop her interest in painting. The dramatic views of the sea, sky and salt air in all directions, along with the comradeship of light- and like-minded artists, provided a safe-haven for her creative expressions as well as her social needs.

Becoming a Trustee in 1991, Lila continued her bravura support financially, vocally and creatively through her passing in 2014. Her devotion to The Barge and friendship with Mabel D’Amico was as strong and balanced as was her love for her husband and family of four children. She always expressed positive advice, direct comments and hilarious stories from her many adventures.

She painted continuously every day all summer for 25 years and could be said to be one of the last “big game” painters at The Barge, meaning her obsession and passion for pushing the paint brush resulted in hundreds of paintings. Not satisfied with one singular image, she processed her creativity, constantly working a similar theme. She was challenged by composition, shape and visual texture. From the ocean and the sea here on the East End, of still life set-ups, to the stark contrasts of her home in the American southwest, she challenged herself repeatedly. And she excelled!

In the Autumn of 2014, she left us behind like a meteor in the night sky. She was benevolent, bodacious and bold.  We are lucky to have a body of work to share and to remember her by.